Guest: Shanta Bodhan – “Moving Beyond the Buyer to Drive Adoption”

Moving Beyond the Buyer to Drive Adoption
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Guest: Shanta Bodhan - "Moving Beyond the Buyer to Drive Adoption"

Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Shanta Bodhan. Shanta is a leader in customer success at Supply Shift and she shares her insights and her thoughts about moving past whoever purchased your product to really get end users to adopt it.

About Shanta:

With a background in Human Resources, Shanta applies her extensive SaaS industry customer success experience to help enterprise customers make better, data-backed business decisions, ensuring they gain the best possible value from their technology investments. She currently leads customer success functions for enterprise customers at SupplyShift, a supply chain visibility software organization.  

Prior to joining SupplyShift, Shanta worked in San Francisco’s Financial District, where she led the customer success functions at an AI-powered communications company and a people operations technology firm. Shanta holds a M.B.A. from San Francisco State University with an emphasis on Organizational Psychology, and a B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. She is passionate about customer growth, happiness, and driving successful business outcomes through best-practice consulting.

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