Guest: Paul Henderson – “Designing Customer Outcome Programs”

Designing Customer Outcome Programs
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Guest: Paul Henderson - "Designing Customer Outcome Programs"

“Designing Customer Outcome Programs”

 Come join The Jasons Take On… with our special guest, Paul Henderson. Paul shares his insights around how to design a customer outcome program.

About Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson is an author, speaker, and consultant on Outcome-based Customer Success for technology companies. Before founding Outcome Leaders, he led the Asia Pacific region of an enterprise software company. He had 200 staff across nine countries supporting 800 enterprise customers. In the last five years of his tenure, he and his team designed and successfully ran an outcome-based customer program across the region.

 He’s written two books, both on outcomes. The Chief Capability Officer focuses on using internal outcomes to manage a business. The Outcome Generation focuses on enabling business outcomes for customers. The second book draws on his five years’ experience running an outcome program followed by one and a half years’ research.

Today, Paul helps technology vendors make customer outcomes their central focus.

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