Customer Success as a Growth Engine

Customer Success as a Growth Engine
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Customer Success as a Growth Engine

We all know that customer success is a rapidly growing area of focus for businesses and a growing industry in its own right. Your prospects and customers are facing a wide variety of customer success services, approaches, capabilities and price-points. The customer success services and your ability to deliver customer outcomes is the new competitive battleground for renewal and growth. This poses several new challenges for you from a sales, delivery and success perspective.

You need to figure out: • How do you develop and deliver fast, efficient, effective and scalable CS services that beat the competition?

• How do you market, bundle and sell CS services as a competitive differentiator that accelerates sales and growth?

Come join us for this unplugged conversation with the two leading Jasons in customer success. Jason Noble, a UK based visionary customer success executive and leader, and Jason Whitehead, a US based customer success and software adoption leader, discuss a variety of topics and issues of importance in the field of customer success.

**Download our free “Software Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating Vendor’s Customer Success Services” and learn that questions you need to be prepared to answer during the sales process.

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