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The Jasons Take On... is a customer success collaboration that advances the thinking and practices of customer success professionals. 

Critically Examine Important Customer Success Topics

Episode 0: Intro To "The Jasons Take On..." 

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Meet The Jasons


Jason Noble, a UK based visionary Customer Success executive and leader. He builds high-performing Customer Success teams and provides a variety of Customer Success mentoring, coaching and consulting services.

Jason Whitehead USA - Picture

Jason Whitehead (USA)

Jason Whitehead is the CEO of Tri Tuns, a Customer Success and Software Adoption training and consulting company. He helps organizations develop the practices and capabilities that ensure people actually adopt systems to achieve clear and measurable business value to the organization. 

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Our Story

We first met when we were both speaking at a Customer Success Conference in London in the fall of 2018. We quickly realized we share a passion for customer success. We decided to do our first webinar together as a way to give back, share our expertise, and help others grow in their customer success careers. Our work together is our way to help advance the practice and discipline of customer successs. And the rest, as they say, is history...

The Jason Take On...

Live Podcast Series

Come join us for our fast-paced, insightful, unplugged conversations with two leading "Jasons" in Customer Success. Jason Noble, a UK based visionary Customer Success executive and leader, and Jason Whitehead, a US based Customer Success and Software Adoption leader, discuss a variety of important topics and issues in the field of Customer Success. Join us for an upcoming episode or catch the replays.

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Both Jason Noble and Jason Whitehead provide customer success consulting, training and coaching services. We help you dramatically advance your customer success program!

We Help You  

  • Develop your skills and confidence as a customer success leader
  • Maximize executive support that delivers the resources and actions you need to deliver world-class customer success services
  • Implement proven customer success strategies that reduce churn, expand acounts, and drive financal growth for your organization
  • Create highly scalable ad effctive customer success operating processes
  • Build clear, effective playbooks based on industry best practices
  • Train and develop your staff into a higly-effective customer success team
  • Increase alignmen between customer success, sales, marketing, product management, support and other departments
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Are you looking for a great speaker for your conference, internal meeting, or customer event? Both Jasons are regular speakers and conference presenters. (After all, The Jasons Take On... got started because we met when presenting at the same conference!) 

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